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Are you looking for some great vegan restaurants where you can eat with your fellow vegan family members or friends? Or maybe, you might be looking for a great restaurant that will offer you great food options for all your brunches and lunches. Luckily, you’re in the right place.

With the Sage Vegan restaurant, you can enjoy a variety of vegan meals to enjoy. Whether you’re here to enjoy your meals as a long-time vegan or here to try out some vegan food for the first time, we’ll gladly welcome you with our tasty food options.

Besides, we even have our very own brunch menu for all your vegan brunch needs. And if you’re here for a filling lunch, our vegan main courses will surely make you walk out of this restaurant satisfied. Furthermore, we also have great vegan sides that perfectly go well with all our dishes, ensuring that you receive a filling meal as you chow down on your favourite vegan dishes.

In addition, we also have a fantastic kiddies corner menu! With that being said, you don’t have to worry about not finding great meal options for your children as well when bringing them here to Sage Vegan restaurant.


About Sage Vegan Belfast

Offering great ambience and fantastic food, Sage Vegan Belfast is here to satisfy all your cravings. Besides, even if you can’t make time to visit our store physically, you can still order your favourites online. And with a bunch of vegan options to choose from in our restaurant, you won’t ever have a problem trying to choose a meal that’s just for you.

With our fantastic food options and vegan meals catered to everyone’s preferences, you won’t have to settle for mediocre vegan lunches and brunches ever again. So, visit Sage Vegan Belfast now and experience amazing vegan dining.

Restaurant location Sage Vegan Belfast

If you’re looking for a vegan restaurant located in Belfast, we got you covered. Dine in for an excellent vegan lunch or brunch with us by visiting our restaurant located at 231 Lisburn Orad, Belfast BT97EN.

Furthermore, you can now enjoy your favourite vegan meals at the comfort of your home by getting a takeaway! And even if you can’t visit our restaurant to obtain your preferred takeaways, you don’t have to worry.

After all, you can also easily order your restaurant picks by downloading our online ordering app through Google Play or the App Store. You can check out our menu online too by visiting [] . We offer speedy delivery, so you don’t have to worry about receiving your meals cold at all.